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Interview with Mrs. Berlinski

by Lauren Walden Rabb

The reclusive widow of a famous concert pianist decides to finally talk to a journalist about her life.  Based on a true story.

ISBN 1-883650-61-5, softcover, adult, $12.95. [order]

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In the Company of Trees: Orbiting the Heart of the Sacred
Written and Illustrated by Shamms Mortier
A collection of essays in book form.
ISBN 1-883650-60-7, softcover, adult, $12.00. [order]
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Canned Plums and Other Vicissitudes of Life
By Jane Weinberger
Being the reminiscences of several old women who really had ought to know better than to commit anything to print.
ISBN 0-883650-29-1, softcover, adult, $10.95
Stories of the Civil War, World War II, of a murderess, a nymphomaniac, a ghost or two, and other tales of unusual women.
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Robin's Ocean
By John Wallace
The dream world of Robin Garrity, owner of a bed and breakfast inn on the shores of the Atlantic, is challenged by reality when his wife leaves.
ISBN 0-883650-55-0, softcover, adult, $13.95

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Experience the Journey

by Jane Weinberger

A droll look at aging through the eyes of one who is well acquainted with the road's bumps and potholes.

ISBN-1883650-58-5, softcover, adult, $7.95.

ISBN-1883650-59-3, hardcover, adult, $9.95.


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Path Through Deep Waters
by Betsy Alexander
"A charming and tender love story to be savored at a quiet time ... it will linger in your memory."
ISBN 1-883650-51-8, softcover, adult, $10.00

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That Dog
by Jane Weinberger
illustrated by Pam DeVito

For any child -- or grownup -- who has ever been owned by a loving (and exasperating) pet.
ISBN 1-883650-57-7, softcover, all ages, $8.00
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Dead Lady at Green Meadows
by Corrilla Hastings
A murder mystery.
ISBN 1-883650-53-4, paperback, adult, $8.95.
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Walking Through Time
by Lauren Walden Rabb
A story of a young widow who relives the life of a mid 1800's artist, this is Ms. Rabb's first novel - one of history, faith and second chances.
ISBN 1-883650-48-8, softcover, adult, $12.00

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