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Eminent American critic, Roger Dettmer, (who recently discovered the earlier Ramsier CD: Compositions for Virtuoso Doublebass), writes:  Ramsier is “…an exemplar in the tradition inherited from Koussevitzky. . . The contrabass viol is a lyrical instrument -- an open secret Paul Ramsier underscores in his music. Listen to it; be surprised, maybe even dumbfounded that an instrument so bulky can produce music so suavely eloquent.”  See:

(Release date: December 1, 2002


Albany Records, Troy 554     

John Miller, Doublebass and Narrator
Paul Ramsier, Piano

Three Lyric Pieces (Pavane, Lullaby, Habanera)

Zoo of Dreams I: WalrusBird (John Miller, solo)    



Six Early Scriabin Pieces

J.S. Bach: Preludes and Gallantries

       Pieces for the Young and the Very Young

The Grand Bass Gavotte


The Low-Note Blues (A Musical Tale for Children)

           John Miller, Narrator

Pied Piper (Paul Ramsier, piano)


            Zoo of Dreams I: WalrusBird  Stickley Music

             John Miller, Doublebass Solo

             Premiered on CD: Miller & Ramsier Play Ramsier                      

            Zoo of Dreams II: Cheetah Departs  Stickley Music

The Florida String Quartet

     Dan Jordan, Chris Takeda, violin;

    Yuri Vasalaki; viola; Christopher Pegis, cello

Symphony Center, Sarasota, Florida, Nov. 3, 2002

            Commissioned by the Florida West Coast Symphony

“A large and enthusiastic audience experienced Ramsier’s first string quartet with the premiere of Zoo of Dreams II (Cheetah Departs) as the highlight of the Florida String Quartet’s first concert this season. . . The dreams, Ramsier notes, are drawn from his own inner world as well as those of the patients in his psychotherapy practice. . . The three-movement work is decidedly non-programmatic. The composer relied on atmospheric harmonies and textures to paint a dream realm of his own.. .Throughout, the cello serves as the spokesperson for the ensemble, searching and exclaiming with almost vocal expression. Ramsier composes lyrically for the bass and is widely regarded as the champion composer for the string bass as a solo instrument. In Zoo of Dreams he expands this role by creating a wide range of seemingly new colors and textures for the string family.”

--Gayle Williams, Sarasota Herald-Tribune

 Three Lyric Pieces (Pavane; Lullaby and Habanera)  Slava Publications

                For solo doublebass with string orchestra

John Miller, with the Florida West Coast Symphony, Leif Bjaland, cond.

Symphony Center, Sarasota, Florida, February 21, 2001

 Diana Gannett, ISB Convention, June 8, 2001 (with Piano)

“A simple and at the same time deeply felt elegant work, Pavane is perfectly tailored to the sonorous, lyric qualities of the bass. . .From fiery fanfares to cantabile melodies and brilliant runs, Habanera is an intensely dramatic piece that explored the entire range of the instrument . . .the dramatic Habanera is sure to become another standard in the repertoire.” 

--Hans Sturm, ISB Journal, Spring 2001.


Divertimento Concertante on a Theme of Couperin  G.Schirmer

Frano Kakarigi, doublebass, José Luis Hidalgo Aguado, piano

        “In Memoriam Stuart Sankey”  April 6, 2002

            Instituto de Américas, in Santa Fé (Granada, Spain)

Paul Sharpe, doublebass, the Lubbock Symphony Orchestra, Andrew Sill, cond. 

            Lubbock, Texas, Masterworks Program, May 3 and 4, 2002      

 Eusebius Revisited Boosey & Hawkes              

 Dan Styffe, doublebass, Gonzalo Moreno, piano

            Oslo Philharmonic Series, Oslo, Norway, National Theater, February 2, 2002

Homanaje a Rafael (Toque de Trompetas, Cancion, Tocata Impetuosa)  Stickley Music

            John Stansell, organ

            Organ Festival, Alte Kirche, Essen-Kray,  May 26, 2002

            Hochster Orgelsommer,  Frankfurt Am Main, June 2, 2002

Music of Paul Ramsier

            John Miller, doublebass, Paul Ramsier, piano

            University of Florida School of Music, June 10, 2002


            The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, Paul Ramsier


            Chester Lane, senior editor, Symphony Magazine, April 2000

                         Article on Road to Hamelin

            Charlie Huisking, “The Psychology of Composing,” Sarasota Herald-Tribune,

Interview, August 20,  2000

Performances in 1999

March 24
Eusebius Revisited
John Miller, double bass soloist, with the Florida West Coast Symphony, conducted by Christopher Confessore.

May 24
Silent Movie
Lynsay McInally, double bass soloist, at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music, Glascow, Scotland

June 30
Divertimento Concertante
Miguel Pereira, double bass soloist, and Nuno Barroso, pianist, at the Palacio Foz, Lisbon, Portugal

July 3
Six Early Scriabin Pieces (Transcription)
Christopher Pegis, cellist, and Brandt Fredriksen, pianist, at Silver Bay Music Festival, Kent College, CT

October 8
Divertimento Concertante
John Miller, double bass soloist, with the Florida West Coast Symphony, conducted by Christopher Confessore

Performances in 1998

Road to Hamelin
Eight European Performances in l998 (Sold Out)

Sept. 24, 25 October 22, 23 Sinfonieorchester Basel
(as "Der Rattenfänger von Hameln")
Howard Griffiths, guest conductor
Christian Sutter, Doublebass Soloist and Narrator

May 24, Stäfa
(as "Der Rattenfänger von Hameln")
Zürcher Kammerorchester (Zurich Chamber Orchestra)
Howard Griffiths, cond, Gary Karr, soloist
Narrator: Jörg Schneider, Choreographer: Luzia Burgdorfer

May 24 Zurich Tonhalle
Grosser Saal

April 24 and 25 Istanbul
Istanbul State Symphony Orchestra
Howard Griffiths, cond., Yaz Baltacigil, soloist

Other Events and Performances

October, 1998
First performance of Pavane with string orchestra, by David Heyes at Wells College, Somerset, England.

August, 1998
Ramsier was featured composer of BassFest, London, sponsored by the British and International Bass Forum. Performances (with piano) included: Pavane (David Heyes), Silent Movie (Mark Morton) and Road to Hamelin (Jeff Bradetich).

June, 1998
American School of Double Bass, at Wesleyan University, Ohio. Workshop, Lecture and Performance of Original Music with Mark Morton.


AlbanyTROY237-24.jpg (10324 bytes)Compositions for Virtuoso Double Bass
(Albany Records # TROY 237; available through your record dealer, from   Lemur Music, or directly from the recording company at 1-800-752-1951)

Divertimento Concertante on a Theme of Couperin
Road to Hamelin
Silent Movie
Eusebius Revisited

Gary Karr, double bass; Mark Alison Morton, double bass
The Louisville Orchestra, Robert Bernhardt, conductor
Christopher Finkelmeyer, piano


Double Bassist, Summer 1998 (#6)
David Heyes, The BIBF Journal, June 1977 (#13).
Bass World (The Journal of the International Society of Bassists), Vol. 22 (2).


Paul Ramsier

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