"...I’m not composing constantly. The muse is not necessarily going to kiss you when you want it to and I’ve got to have an idea that will give me a rush. ... I need that rush to make it worthwhile. It’s not something I can just manufacture."  --Ken Smith, (Interview of P.R.): "The Road to Ramsier," Double Bassist No. 3, Spring/Summer l997, 56.

Articles by Paul Ramsier

How the Double Bass Influenced My Writing
by Paul Ramsier
The BIBF Journal, September 1988 (#19), p. 17.

"I was preoccupied with writing music that could demonstrate the remarkable expressivity of the bass..."

"I developed an inner sense for bass sound..."

"Composition can't be taught ... it can only be encouraged"

"Writing for the bass has never been a dull task"

An Open Letter to the Bass Community
International Society of Bassists XIX No.1, Fall l993, 24, 27.

Out of Limbo Land
Double Bassist, No, 2, Autumn/Winter l996, 16-17.

Bridging the Gap
Double Bassist, No. 5, Spring, l998, 64-65.

From Chaos to Creativity
Double Bassist, No. 9. Summer, l999, 80-81.

Articles about Paul Ramsier

New Music: The Double Bass Works of Paul Ramsier
International Society of Bassists, vol. LX, No.3 Spring l983, 24-30.

A Call to Arms—Composer Paul Ramsier on the Solo Double Bass
by Mark Morton, Strings #36, May/June l993, 17-25.

Center Stage—Composer Paul Ramsier talks about the future of double bass playing
by Mark Morton, International Society of Bassists, XVIII No. 3 l993, 16-19

The Road to Ramsier
byKen Smith Double Bassist No. 3, Spring/Summer l997, 54-57.


Paul Ramsier

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