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Musical Arts Network

The Omicron Inforium is pleased to sponsor the Musical Arts Network, devoted to providing information for and about professional and amateur musicians, composers, teachers, and organizations.

Music Publishers


Pineland Suzuki School

Manchester, Maine

The Augusta Symphony Orchestra

Augusta, Maine

asodb.JPG (3044 bytes)American School of Double Bass

Columbus, Ohio

The American School of Double Bass seeks, through the intellect, intuition, and inspiration, solutions to technical and musical problems that work. It searches for the most practical, rational and facile means that enhances, and in no way compromises the musical vision of the composer or performer.

LogoTrans.GIF (2012 bytes)Midcoast Symphony Orchestra

Brunswick, Maine



ramsier_HD.GIF (10607 bytes)Paul Ramsier

Paul Ramsier has composed for orchestral, opera and chorus, and he has made a major contribution to Twentieth-Century music through his body of work for the double bass.

Birchwood Music

Yarmouth, Maine

Music for strings arranged by Vinny Fuerst.


A Popular Quotation

If I miss one day of practice, I know it. If I miss two days, everybody knows it! . --Elton John

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